Senior Manager –¬†Creative Insights

Kate Rourke

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I asked Louisa to be my Coach/Mentor whilst I was a Senior Account Manager as I felt I needed some career guidance and skills development. I was good at what I did but wanted to learn more and perhaps branch out in a new direction.

Louisa had me thinking holistically about what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be, and we discussed what actions I could take to get there. I wanted to improve my presentation skills and to raise my profile both internally and externally, so we worked together on ways I could do that. We met for an hour monthly for about five or six months. I found the sessions very helpful and left with homework that Louisa would follow up on at our next session. It helped me strengthen the skills I had and look at those identified areas of development and progression.

Louisa is approachable, thoughtful and knowledgeable. She is a positive and authentic leader.

I enjoyed our sessions, feel they added value and would recommend her as an effective Coach/Mentor.