HR Manager – France, Benelux, Spain and Italy

Helene Aschbacher

 Getty Images


I was lucky to have Louisa as my Manager for nearly 5 years at Getty Images.  I can’t thank her enough for the trust and confidence she had in me, for her regular coaching and support; I have never learnt so much from a manager and was promoted whilst working with her.

When we started working together (she was based in London and I was in Paris), we would speak a couple of times a week, and then weekly.  We’ve worked on some complex employment issues together.  I felt she was always there for me and had my back, that I had her trust to get on with my job.  This was very empowering, she wanted me to develop, and I felt able to blossom with her leadership and coaching style.

Louisa is a fantastic Vice President and People Manager.  She works in a calm, consultative, collaborative way; she is highly skilled in HR and in managing teams both on-site and remotely.  She also has strong leadership skills.  She knows how to inspire her team, how to lead with trust, how to be creative, yet always with a focus on delivering business objectives, understanding business challenges and priorities, partnering at all levels.  What I particularly like about Louisa is her ability to keep things very strategic; and yet she is very supportive and approachable as a person, she never hides from her true self, she is always very authentic and I strongly believe this is a core leadership value.  She wants the best for all those around her.  I highly recommend her as an HR leader/Consultant and as a coach/mentor.