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We’ll help you attract and retain an

engaged workforce who deliver

your business goals, delight your customers

and benefit your wider community.

Through growth, change and expansion,

we’ll help you thrive.

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We’ll help you attract and retain an engaged workforce who deliver your business goals, delight your customers and benefit your wider community.Through growth, change and expansion, we’ll help you thrive.



Definition: THRIVE /θrʌɪv/


‘to prosper or flourish; to grow, develop, or be successful’


Business growth and change

We’ve hired good people, but how can we engage, retain and develop them?

How can we manage and communicate a global mindset across all our sites?

Our business is growing and doing well, but how can we identify and foster a culture which aligns with our business strategy?

There’s change and restructuring on the horizon, but where can we find someone with strategic, global HR expertise to support us through it?

Thrive HR Consulting - HR Expertise - Man and woman working through a problem
Thrive HR Consulting - HR Expertise - Three women in an office

Coaching and skills development

How can we develop new high potential managers and employees to support future growth?

How can we help our women leaders to develop a robust career plan and get to senior management positions?

How can we enhance the value our HR team adds to the business?

Diversity, inclusion and social impact

We want different voices, perspectives and experiences around the table, but how can we develop programmes which promote diversity?

We have a large number of millennials in our workforce, but how can we address their desire for initiatives with higher social impact?

We would like to collaborate with local communities, but how can we enhance opportunities for employee engagement?

Thrive HR Consulting - HR Expertise - Woman and man working together